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The FIC Youth Ministry is a church program that is operates under the Umbrella of the Friends International Center Church. The Youth Ministry is based on the church, along Ngong Road, and is run by Youth from the church.   

Vision statement
“To produce strong believers in Jesus Christ, persons that are well equipped and empowered in all aspects of a Christian life”

Mission statement: We are committed to helping young people know God and grow in knowledge and Godly wisdom so as to mature and be responsible Christians that can influence this generation for Christ.

Youth pastor: Pastor Stanley Lusimba.


These are categorized under 3 general aspects:

1. Spiritual

2. Economic

3. Social

The objectives are:

  1. To grow spiritually through Bible studies, fellowship, prayers and counseling.
  2. To strengthen the bond of fellowship and partnership through activities such as hikes, picnics, retreats, charitable activities, etc.
  3. To enhance growth towards responsible leadership.
  4. To encourage healthy relationships based on Christian values – through counseling and prayer programs.
  5. To advance our careers through career counseling, exposure to programs, and, to identify and promote individuals’ gifts and talents.
  6. To advice individuals on how to start and sustain healthy businesses – through motivational talks, investment advice, and business trainings.


The youth are divided into different Teams, each with a team leader. This is to ensure ease in bonding and free sharing amongst the youth. The groups are:

1. Team Shepherds

2. Covit Angels

3. Green Army

4. The Conquers


 Youth Departments

1. Football Ministry

2. Youth Choir Ministry

3. Drama group Ministry

4. Praise and worship Ministry

5. Deaf Ministry

6. Young Christian Professionals Ministry

7. Hospitality Ministry

8. Media and Publication Ministry

9. Teens Ministry



  1. FIC Quaker Missions
  2. Learning Institutions
  3. Women Groups
  4. Youth Groups
  5. Quakermen
  6. Other Quaker churches
  7. NYAFP
  8. Pastoral Team
  9. Church Physical Location