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The Women’s ministry of the Friends International Centre Church 

The Friends International Centre Women’s Ministry is a church program for the women and by the women. It is a ministry that operates under the church umbrella body – USFW. The United Society of Friends Women is a program that was began many years ago with the aim of addressing women matters in the church. Over the years, and Kenya in particular, the USFW has made great contributions to church members and the general society at large.

Vision statement
“To produce strong believers in Jesus Christ, persons that are well equipped and empowered in all aspects of a Christian life”

Mission statement: We are committed to helping women know God and grow in knowledge and Godly wisdom so as to mature and be responsible Christians that can influence this generation for Christ.

Women Leader: Sister Judith Ambenge

Women Pastor: Pastor Florence Irungu.


As a women’s ministry, we have 3 general categories of aspects of the women ministry:

1. Spiritual

2. Social

3. Economic

The objectives are:

  1. To grow women spiritually through Bible study, fellowship, prayer programs and counseling.
  2. To strengthen interpersonal relationships through small groups, joint meetings, and shared activities.
  3. To build moral character in view of responsible leadership both in church and society.
  4. To facilitate integration of biblical faith and practice with daily living – through counseling and meetings.
  5. To motivate women in career matters through career counseling, exposure to different professions and use of gifts and talents.
  6. To advice women on how to start, sustain, and fund healthy businesses – through motivational talks, investment advice, and business trainings.


The women are divided into small groups that have specific assignments. This designed in this way so as to create opportunities through which women can exercise their gifts, talents, passions, and abilities. Amongst the opportunities open to women are:  

·         Involvement in Church Decor

·         Participation and membership in Women’s choir

·         Participation in Intercessory Prayers

·         Coordination and involvement in Pastors’ visitation/Pastor’s day

·         Participation in Hospital Visitation

·         Membership in Daughter groups



FIC women ministry coordinates a number of activities:

·         Monthly Prayer Breakfasts in the church

·         Seminars to respond and enlighten on topics of interest

·         Visits to daughter churches e.g. the bissil church, new born babies, hospital, etc


Good things happening in our department:

·         Procurement of kitchen utensils for our use and for hire

·         Uniforms for identity e.g. USFW Uniform, Choir Uniform

·         Church décor: decorating of the alter and carpeting of the isle

·         Supporting higher offices


Briefs from the department:

·         We are working on establishing income generating activities for the Women’s Ministry;

o   Sell of handbags/accessories

o   Hiring of kitchen utensils

·         Future projects’

o   The Women Ministry plans to start a day care Centre.

o   The women ministry held a successful Mission to Bissil



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  4. Youth Groups
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  6. Other Quaker churches
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