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Pastor John Kidake Bulimo

a.       The Missions and outreach pastor

b.      Joined the FIC pastoral team in 2007

c.       Married and with a family

d.      Schooled at the Friends Theological College (Diploma), and East Africa School of Theology (BA).

e.       In charge of the Friends Church Narok – which is being planted

f.       Coordinates Home Cells

g.      Coordinates visitations

h.      Oversees the Sunday school 

a.       Handles Church visitors

b.      In charge in the ushering department, church protocol,

c.       In charge in the planning and executing of Church planting work

d.      Oversees the missions board/team, and Evangelists

e.       Coordinates matters touching on weddings and funerals

f.       Holds and updates records of church inventory


Pst John's Photo


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