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Every church member is encouraged to belong to a small group where he/she can

exercise their gifts and talents. Home cells provide opportunities for fellowship;

opportunities to exercise leadership abilities; opportunities for discipleship and Bible

study; and more. Members living in the same neighborhood work together and support

each other.

List of home cells

1 Kibera - Under Pst. John

2 Langata Langata, South lands - Under Pst. Fanuel

3 Woodley Woodley, Jamuhuri, City Council - Under Pst. Simon

4 Kilimani Kilimani - Under Pst. John

5 Lavington Lavington, Kileleshwa - Under Pst. Simon

6 Kawangware 56 Congo, 56 - Under Pst. Florence

7 Kawangware 46 46 mwisho - Under Pst. Florence

8 Kinyanjui Naivasha road, Satelite - Under Pst. Simon

9 Kabiria Satelite, Kabiria - Under Pst. Florence

10 Ongata Rongai Rongai-Kiserian - Under Pst. Fanuel

11 Suna/Mwaka Wanyee road - Under Pst. John

12 Imara daima/ South B South B to Imara - Under Pst. Fanuel

13 Parklands/ Limuru rd Pangani, parklands, Limuru road - Under Pst. Walter

14 Uthiru/Kangemi Kangemi, Uthiru, Zambezi - Under Pst. Simon

15 Ngong/ Karen Karen to Ngong and Matasia - Under Pst. Florence

16 Olympic/ Ayany Olympic, Fort Jesus, Ayany - Under Pst. John

17 Kahawa Sukari Thika road - Under Pst. Walter

18 Embakasi/ Donholm Embakasi, Donholm, Pipeline - Under Pst. Walter

19 Kitengela/ Mulolongo Kitengela, Syokimau, Mulolongo - Under Pst. Fanuel

20 Komarock/Greenfields Komarock, Greenfields - Under Pst. Walter

21 Buruburu/ Umoja Buruburu, Umoja - Under Pst. Walter

22 Nairobi West/ South C Nairobi West, South C - Under Pst. Fanuel

23 Waithaka/ Kikuyu Kikuyu road from Equity to Kikuyu and Donyo - Under Pst. Florence



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